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Children's Ministry Director

Full- Time 

Imagine with me.  

You’re a Children's Director and it’s a Sunday morning. You’re getting everything set up for Kid’s Church. You’re organizing and gathering all the last-minute little items you need for the morning. You look up at the clock and see that there’s thirty minutes until check-ins. You head to the check-in station and see a family is already there!  

“Sorry! I know we’re early,” the family says. “Our children woke us up early so we could be first in line to get checked in for Kids Church this morning. They love it here!”  

One of the kids rushes towards you and gives you a big hug. 

_ _ 

How do you feel right now? Excited? Happy? Thrilled that you’re running a children’s ministry that has kids rushing to get to church?  

If so, keep reading! This job may be for you.  


You see, here at Hope we believe that Children’s Ministry is one of the most important ministries in the church. Parents are constantly looking for a place where their children can learn about Jesus in a safe and fun environment, and we want Hope Kids to be that place. But we need someone like YOU to help make it that way.  

We’re looking for an innovative, energetic, authentic, Jesus-loving leader of leaders who is going to be a resounding gong for the children and families at our church and within the community.  

If you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for me to tell you how to apply, hang on for a moment longer because I want to share the job responsibilities with you! 


This position is designed for an individual who is full of energy and can bring excitement and passion to the kids and families through the Children's Ministry at Hope Lutheran Church.  The Children’s Ministry Director will be responsible for planning, selecting or developing curriculum, and overseeing all aspects of Children’s Ministry at Hope.  Specifically, you will focus on:   

Hope Kids on Sundays (Birth-5th) 

  • Hope Kids includes Sunday School, Children’s Church, and the nursery 

  • Set up space 

  • Create and lead VIP time (time to pray with leaders before the morning starts) 

  • Direct and support volunteers and paid nursery staff 

  • Connect with parents and kids 

  • Develop and lead, as appropriate, age-appropriate activities (e.g., Sunday School opening) and worship experiences  

Hope Kids Online Ministry (Birth-5th) 

  • Develop and produce weekly online content for children 

  • Produce 1–2 weekly parental resources (emails, articles of 1500 words or more, videos, online workshops, etc.)  

Community Outreach/Family Focused Events (Birth-5th with support from older children):  

  • Plan 4 Community Outreach Events: 

  • Trunk or Treat 

  • Easter “Eggstravaganza”  

  • Back to School Bash  

  • Christmas Event 

  • Plan smaller gathering such as: 

  • Family Movie Nights  

  • Family Cookouts  

  • Monthly/EOW Month Family Experiences (see above bullets) 

  • Community groups 

Hope Academy (Birth-Kindergarten) 

  • Serve as the school chaplain 

  • Develop and lead Chapel for school students 

  • Engage parents and help them to get involved at church 

  • Integrate parents and teachers from school into the life of the church 

  • Participate in Summer Camp (chapel) 



  • Lead, recruit, train, develop, and guide volunteers for the Children’s Ministry. 

  • Build and develop the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team, which consists of key committed and gifted volunteers. 

  • Participate in general administrative/office work 



As you can see, we want to partner with families so that they know we are for them. We want to resource parents so they can be the spiritual influencers in their homes. We’re looking for someone who can take our current children’s ministry and couple it with excitement and family partnership.  


If this job is screaming at you, then email your resume to and fill out our Pre-Interview form by using the button below! 

We can't wait to learn more about you! 

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