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Summer Camp Director

Boring people Stay away!! 

SUPER AWESOME Christian Summer Camp Director needed 


  • Campfires. 

  • Dance battles. 

  • Camp games. 

  • Water day. 

  • Worship experiences. 

  • Plays. 

  • Musicals. 

  • Jesus Time. 

  • VA Beach Aquarium. 

  • Knockerball. 

These are all just a small part of the activities and memories that were created last year at Summer Camp. And maybe, you get to not only be a part of those, but be the one orchestrating them all this year. 

We are looking for a passionate, energetic, authentic, Jesus-loving individual to direct our Summer Camp at Hope Academy. Our Summer Camp isn’t like any other Summer Camp. Camp at Hope is so thrilling and fueled by inspiring kids in their faith that it’s practically a Summer long VBS. 

If this scares you and you want to run and hide, then this is not the job for you! However, if this makes you want to jump up and down and shout HOORAY! Then proceed reading. 

At Hope it is our priority to lead kids educationally and spiritually. With 13-15 weeks of camp, each a theme of their own, there are plenty of ways to invest and impact the next generation.  

Not only are we looking for a person who can get up on stage and take a pie to the face, or jump up and down acting like a wild banshee, we’re looking for a leader of leaders. You see, you’d also be in charge of hiring your very own camp counselors. Ones who will help plan activates, lead kids in worship, help grow their faith, and be a best friend.  This requires you to lead by example, and lead like Jesus.  

If you have a love for leading/teaching kids, primarily grades kindergarten-5th grade, leading a team of counselors, have a sold-out heart for Christ, & being willing to act like a child yourself then this is the job for you! 


Why YOU are perfect for this job: 


You love kids, love Jesus, and have a desire to lead kids spiritually and develop them through education.  


What’s okay? 

  • Creative 

  • Able to have conversation with Parents 

  • Recruit & Train 

  • Outgoing! Jump on stage and rally the crowd! 

  • Show up to work on Time/ All the time 

  • Be a leader worth following 

  • Be a great communicator 

  • Love to meet new people. If you’re anxious in social settings, you won’t love this job. 

  • Enjoy a challenge. Basically, problem solving skills all the time. 

  • Independent thinker. 

  • Live a devoted life to God 

  • Lead LEAD LEAD!!! 

  • Love Jesus 


What’s not a good fit? 

  • Negative attitude.  

  • Easily frustrated and confused. 

  • Codependent on others 

  • Lack of attention to detail 

  • Not empathetic. Kids need love! 

  • Talking negatively about other team members or taking advantage of anyone. 

  • Addicted to and Living on your cell phone, while no work gets done. 

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what you’ll be doing: 

  • Create the Camp themes 

  • Recruit and train camp counselors 

  • Market the camp and create outside business relationships 

  • Call and follow up with previous camp families 

  • Create or help your team create lesson plans for each day 

  • Collaborate with the church for weekly Chapels or be willing to lead them yourself. 

  • Create opening, mid-day, and closing rallies that all include worship experiences.  

  • Be aware of camp budget and remain within budget guidelines 

  • Onboard new families  

Items to take note of: 

Summer Camp runs from the beginning of June-the end of August. Camp days and hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm. The total amount of kids roughly runs between 40-60, but we want to aim for 100!! Can YOU be the one to bring them in?! 

We want someone who’s sheer goal and passion is investing and impacting these kids’ lives this Summer. We hope that’s you! And if it is, we are so excited to meet you. You could be the person we’ve been praying for!  

Ready to apply?!

Fill out our pre-interview form & send your resume to

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