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seann is from AL, is in the US navy. He reenlistted in july 2018 for another four years before he will be at his full 22 plus year. and time for him to Retire from the navy. around June 2022 seann will be retiring and the whole family will be moving to Texas. Bridget has grown up lutheran church of Missouri Senate in IL. When she went to chruch in IL she was the only one in the church who had perfect attendance for 15 years. started when she was 3 years old. Bridget also became a sundays school teach for pre-k and kindergarten. Bridget and Seann married in Atlanta Georgia, February24,2002. they have been married for 19 years now. whele on shore duty seann and Bridget became faster to adopt paretens. sept. 18, 2009 they ment their son sebastain when he was only 4 days old. he was placed in foster care, and they also got to adopted him at the age of 3.5 yr old. Then in nov 2013, Seann and Bridget. fround out sebastians sister was going to able to be adaopted. on christmas eve they finally got to see a picture of their soon to be daughter. so first week of feb 2014 seann and Bridget got to fly to key west to meet their daughter. when they came back it would be a year of finghting and deployments. and news we may not get her to adopt her. but we got the call Dec,12 2014 that if we wanted to adopt her to come and get her. two days later the family was on a road trip to get their daughter. july of 2015 Bristina became our forever daughter. she also made our family complate.

Seann and Bridget Matson
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