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Parenting With Love and Logic: A Free Parenting Workshop

It's time for another free expert parenting workshop! Our second event is coming up on November 24th, from 1:00-3:00pm at Hope Lutheran Church! In this week's post we will be discussing the topic, previewing the speaker, and generally preparing for an awesome parenting workshop on Parenting with Love and Logic. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity!

Our Speaker

This month's speaker is Lori Gross. Lori is currently the Principal of Fairfield Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA and formerly the Assistant Principal of Tallwood Elementary. She is passionate about learning opportunities that are engaging, relevant, and especially innovative. One of her primary goals at Fairfield Elementary is to create safe and energetic learning environments so that students can transform their learning.

Our Topic

For adults, parenting can seem like a choice to be logical or emotional, especially when we come home from work exhausted. It can become so difficult to engage purposefully with children! At our workshop, we will consider and discuss what it takes to parent with both love and logic. This class is based on a book with the same title, teaching parents to empower their children to learn responsibility, independence, and discipline.

One reason I love this topic and I am very excited to discuss it is that

When we teach our children to be responsible, confident, disciplined, and independent learners, everything else we do as parents becomes easier.

It's the one thing we can do over-time to make parenting less stressful and hands-on. As you #investinyourchild now, you will have an easier time parenting in the future. Now that is forward-thinking, purposeful parenting!

This week's Purposeful Parenting Action

1. Register for our free workshop right HERE!

This week's Ron Clark rule

Rule 30 "After you eat, throw away your trash and clean up after yourself."

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See you at the workshop!


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