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Parenting Podcast Ep. 1: Understanding the Roots of Behavior

It's finally here! The first episode of the Purposeful Parenting Podcast. This month I sat down with our first parenting workshop speaker, Connie Dougherty, to talk about the workshop and go in-depth about a few practical ways parents and caregivers can better respond to challenging behavior.

Watch the whole thing. I promise, it's so worth it.

Comment any questions below; Connie has offered to personally respond to any that you may have! Enjoy.

10 Basic Social-Emotional Needs

1. To feel safe and secure (boundaries)

2. To feel worthy and loved (someone delights in me)

3. To be acknowledged and understood

4. To feel noticed and receive attention

5. To have a sense of predictability (routines/information in advance)

6. To understand and manage feelings

7. To feel powerful and independent (choices)

8. To feel safely stimulated (interesting things to do)

9. To feel competent (capable/smart)

10.To feel a sense of belonging

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1 Comment

We had a good discussion in the workshop about the most challenging behavior issues that parents experience at home. I would be interested in hearing from the online community: What is the most challenging behavior you grapple with? What makes it especially frustrating? Connie

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