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OK, But Why a Blog?

Here it is, the first post from the new Purposeful Parenting blog! There is excitement and nerves as we finally get started on what has been in the works for months as I have researched other blogs and community resources. After all that, I think it's important to take a moment to explain why I decided to start this particular blog and what I'm hoping to particularly offer through it...

Why this blog?

1. More than anything, I want to offer parents a community where they can interact with other parents facing similar issues, to share tips and resources. Discussion, comments, and suggestions are encouraged...heck, share the post and get even more interaction! Remember, there are #noperfectparents, and a community helps everyone grow together.

2. I want to provide realistic but effective actions for parents to implement immediately after reading a post. Life can be so overwhelming already and as a parent it is far more difficult to keep track of everything throughout the day while trying to set goals for your health, family, and career. Complicated processes for changing the entire view on parenting simply is unrealistic and ineffective. This blog will provide two things at the end of each post to implement during the week with your children: The first is a topic-related Purposeful Parenting action, and the second. (for now) is one of Ron Clark's 55 Rules...this is from a book primarily for educators, but it provides a list of things to teach your children ranging from holding the door to always cleaning up after you eat. All this is a part of our campaign to #investinyourchild. Parenting takes work but it's the best investment you can make, especially when it is done with purpose. My hope is that through clear and actionable tips, parents can start to move from feeling out of control and overwhelmed towards Purposeful Parenting.

3. Finally, I want to offer parents a safe place - a place of understanding and grace for the mistakes made along the way. Whether it's you beating yourself up for yesterday's goof or last week's fight, or the pressure from all around, I want this blog to offer hope, grace, and encouragement as we move from disorder into purpose together.

"The ultimate goal is to empower parents by providing resources that help families move into growth and grace and parents move from disorder to Purposeful Parenting."

Some things that the blog community will be encouraging and providing...

1. Comment and share experiences!! Let's talk to one another and share what has helped your family--share testimonials and tips, tricks and even trip-ups...there's #noperfectparents. This family is only as strong as the community we build together!

2. Monthly FREE expert seminars!! We will be able to come together in person and meet face-to-face at monthly seminars led by experts in child and family psychology, early-childhood development, education techniques, and we will even hear some parent testimonials. There will be chances to talk to each other and to the speaker through Q&A time.

3. Connections to resources and events! Check for the schedule of our monthly family events and look for updates and links to resources on each post.

This week's Purposeful Parenting Action

Since this isn't a topical post, there is no parenting action, but you do have three tasks:

1. Join the community now by hitting the signup button

2. Comment below one issue you've encountered or are encountering that you would like discussed in a post!

3. Share this blog now on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other socials you have and let's build a community of Purposeful Parents!

This week's Ron Clark rule

In honor of the new school year...

Rule 14 "Answer all written work with a complete sentence"

I hope you are as excited about this as I am; I know that great things can come out of great community! And we have some amazing speakers lined up. As always, remember to give yourself grace this week as you #investinyourchild because there's #noperfectparents!

See you in the comments!


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