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5 Causes of Challenging Behavior

It's finally here! Our first free expert parenting workshop is coming up on October 20th, from 1:00-3:00pm at Hope Lutheran Church! In this week's post we will be discussing the topic, previewing the speaker, and generally preparing for an awesome parenting workshop on Understanding the Roots of Behavior.

Our Speaker

This month's speaker is Connie Dougherty. Connie lives in Washington State where she is a frequent and popular speaker on early childhood topics. She is a former childcare provider, preschool teacher, and Lutheran elementary school principal. Connie holds an M.Ed. in Early Childhood and especially enjoys working with parents and teachers on challenging behavior and relationship issues. As she facilitates classes and conversations, she draws upon her education and work experience, as well as on her own successes and mistakes as the mother of two. She believes that parents share common struggles and need time to talk and learn together.

One of her passions is education on the brain study behind behavior. It's very easy to assume that our children are misbehaving for manipulative reasons, especially when it becomes overwhelmingly frustrating as a caregiver. However, when we understand the brain development taking place especially in children ages 0-5, the roots of behavior often become easier to understand and we have an easier time avoiding frustration.

How many of us have asked these questions? Why do my children get so upset about minor problems? Why do they repeat the same challenging behaviors, in spite of my discipline? Are they doing this just to bug me??

For adults, the behavior of young children is often aggravating and mysterious. It can seem like they are just trying to push our buttons! At our first workshop, we will consider and discuss the 5 causes of challenging behavior and the 10 needs that are at the root of some behaviors. When children's social-emotional needs are met, they behave better and are more successful in school and in life.

One reason I love this topic and I am very excited to discuss it is that

When we understand the why behind behavior, everything else we are doing as parents or caregivers to discipline our children becomes easier or unnecessary.

It's the one thing we can do to improve our discipline. Simple, effective, and actionable tips to move you from frustration and chaos into Purposeful Parenting. I love it!

This week's Purposeful Parenting Action

1. Register for our first free workshop now! You can do so right HERE!

This week's Ron Clark rule

Rule 33 "When meeting new people, always shake their hand and repeat their names. "

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See you at the workshop!

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