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Office Manager / Event Planner


TITLE: Hope Academy Office Manager REPORT TO: Senior Pastor

The organized one is what they called you when you were growing up! People would say “if you want to get something done...ask her or him” Then they would have asked you, and guess what, you would get it done and get it done right. Your Friends joke and say “You are so Type A” and you would say proudly under your breath “I know!”

If you fit the above, then read on. We are looking for a Type A Super Star, a well-organized individual, you know the kind we are talking about who:

  • Writes lists for everything

  • Remembers all the details

  • knows everyone else’s schedules

  • is very caring and sensitive

  • knows how to talk to other adults

  • Gets stuff done!!

You like to get things done!

You are stepping into the world of Hope Academy in Virginia Beach VA. A Christian Church environment that is not

  • Boring

  • Monotonous

  • Mean Spirited

It is a place that has a need for an Office Manager / Event Planner type. A kind of Go getter...We need a person who loves Jesus and is:

  • Dependable

  • Honest

  • Hardworking

  • Caring

  • Someone who:

  • Gets work and projects done early

  • Figures stuff out for others

  • Always has a smile

  • And loves to make people happy.

Sound familiar?

We’re looking for someone  who has these skills:

  • Organizational Skills.

  • Networking Savvy.

  • Resilience and Adaptability.

  • Unbridled Creativity.

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Why YOU are perfect for this job:

Attention to detail! Leadership and pleasant and positive attitude. Type A means you have to notice the small things and show leadership to get things Fixed and Done.

What’s okay?

  • Show up to work on Time/ All the time

  • Be a great communicator

  • Love to meet new people. If you’re anxious in social settings, you won’t love this job.

  • Enjoy a challenge. Basically, problem solving skills all the time.

  • Independent thinker.

  • You got SKILLS with the computer!

  • Awesome writing skills

What’s not a good fit?

  • Negative attitude. Sorry, Oscar. Mr. Grouchy-pants has no place here. Go work for the DMV.

  • Easily frustrated and confused.

  • Living a crazy and Buck wild life that is against the Word of God.

  • Instant exit pass.

  • You need to be babysat

  • Talking negatively about other team members or taking advantage of anyone.

  • Addicted to and Living on your cell phone, while no work gets done.

If you know the meaning of honoring others and yourself while keeping it fun, we know you’re our kind of people. Are we your kind of people?

Send your Resume and Cover letter to careers @

Hiring Immediately!!

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary

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